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The Influencer Formula by Jason Rollins

In addition to the MSLGROUP proprietary tools to discover social and digital influencers, we reviewed others in last week’s Social Media Bootcamp that may be helpful:

Klout– enables you to look at social graphs on Twitter to track an influencer’s impact on other users. 

LinkedIn & Quora– we all know LinkedIn, but Quora is a network that collects questions and answers. The network can be used to monitor and identify influencers on a specific topic.

Mashable  – is a premier source for news in social and digital media.  Mashable has been named a must-read site by both Fast Company and PC Magazine and is ranked as the most influential media outlet by Klout.  

Follow - allows you to follow topics of personal interest and connect with other Mashable readers who share the same interest.

Tweetreach – allows you to see how far a client’s tweet (or tweet about a client) has traveled and how many people have been exposed to it. 

Zemanta – analyzes user-generated content and suggests relevant links and resources to facilitate content production.

Fancy & Svpply – places for users to aggregate all the brands, products and stores they love and opt in to receive updates on those topics.

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