In da Silva Moore, et al. v. Publicis Groupe, et al., Plaintiffs Wrongly Claim Victory in Class Certification

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NEW YORK, July 2, 2012:  The U.S. District Court/Southern District of New York’s ruling on Friday regarding conditional certification was a procedural ruling only and not unexpected.  It does not resolve the merits of the claims.  

The plaintiffs’ public assertion this morning that class status has been granted is wholly false.  Their press release included several additional inaccuracies, and we are dismayed that such mischaracterizations are being put forth.

 The court made no decision as to whether the case may proceed as a class action, and it will not decide that issue until sometime next year.  Additionally, the court made no finding that our pay practices are discriminatory; any final decision on the issue will not be made until trial which we expect to occur sometime in 2014.  Furthermore, this ruling applies to MSLGROUP Americas in the U.S. only and not our parent, Publicis Groupe.

 In making this preliminary ruling, the Court did not resolve any factual disputes, nor decide substantive issues going to the ultimate merits, nor make credibility determinations.  The Court merely held that accepting plaintiffs’ allegations at face value, a notice could be mailed to certain employees to determine whether they wished to join the case.

We will continue to defend vigorously against all claims by plaintiffs and look forward to the Court dismissing them, just as the EEOC (U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) dismissed them in 2010.

MSLGROUP always has been and will remain an organization committed to equal opportunities for women and for all employees in the workplace.



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