Diversity Marketing

Bombarded daily by overly-generalized marketing, diversity audiences have learned to tune out most of these irrelevant messages and are wary of gimmicks to get their attention. To get past the filter, a multicultural campaign requires deep authenticity and commitment. It must embrace unique cultural and/or lifestyle characteristics, and be ready to “go the distance” to win over the skeptics.

Diversity is in our DNA – Insights Flow Freely
From professional and personal experience, we believe that effective communication must be three things – in-culture, in-language and in-person – to change the minds and behaviors of diverse consumers.

In-culture: The content and delivery of a message will fail if it’s not respectful of an audience’s culture. Values rooted in tradition and ethnicity shape what people think and do – or don’t do. Cultural sensitivity gives the communicator a relevant starting point and the opportunity to open a dialogue. It recognizes and strategically addresses existing barriers to change. Without it, even the most powerful messages can be neutralized, or, worse, be perceived as offensive.

In-language: Language is an often understated component for success. Translation is not the same as interpretation, resulting too often in missed opportunity and wasted resources. The appropriate language for reaching a target audience, given economic levels and social influences, may need a variety of vehicles, such as visual and audio means.

In-person: Relationship marketing is critical to reaching and establishing urgency with special markets. Diverse markets place a high value on personal interaction with other people. They socialize more and are most responsive to people with similar backgrounds. Trust and loyalty must be earned but once accomplished, are incredibly predictable and stable.

Diversity markets are more psychologically and emotionally invested in the issues that impact their lives. Headliners such as housing, immigration, education, obesity and access to healthcare touch them more directly than other markets. Our team stays on top of trends and developments by monitoring key legislation, speaking with advocacy groups, participating in community events and always listening.

MSLGROUP’s diversity practice group spans the agency’s global network, offering clients seamless resources and insights across multiple markets, varied geographies and emerging sub-groups. Services include:

  • Outreach to media serving the African-American, Asian American, Hispanic and gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) communities
  • Influencer outreach
  • Grassroots community outreach
  • Diversity spokesperson training and support
  • Spanish-language message training
  • Entertainment publicity and events
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Consumer product and service promotions

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