Entertainment Marketing

Entertainment Marketing is one of the fastest growing elements within the marketing mix today. It helps create an emotional connection with your target audiences, keeping your brand relevant and generating tremendous results.

It is also a discipline with a complicated history. It often resides with advertising agencies, media agencies, promotions agencies – you name it, it’s been there. At MSLGROUP Entertainment, we strongly believe that the kinds of work we do in public relations – from cutting edge digital work to top media relations programming to creative launches and campaigns – complements entertainment marketing perfectly. We are able to pair our entertainment savvy with public relations to create strong, sustainable programs that produce award-winning results.

The key to successful entertainment marketing programs lies in the relevance and connection between the brand and the entertainment proposition your target audience is passionate about. We focus on connecting clients’ brands to programs that make the most sense for the brand, and developing ideas and plans for integrating the brand with the entertainment world. By using innovative thinking and unique processes, our team uses a 360 degree marketing approach to deliver holistic programs including elements like Web sites, on-pack promotions, in-store promotions, TV, media coverage, digital elements and more. We execute all kinds of entertainment-driven events, including product launches, media events and stunts, and deliver strong product and branded messages with top entertainment media.

From media expertise and event production to deep-rooted contacts within the film, music and television industries, our MSLGROUP Entertainment team provides a great service to our clients. While just a few of the core services are presented above, the MSLGROUP Entertainment team has the expertise to create entertainment programs that will add value to your brands

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