It used to be that having money, high-end electronics, a flashy car and professional expertise meant that you had “made it.” But these days, according to proprietary research conducted by MSLGROUP and Opinion Research Corporation, 73 percent of Americans consider being physically healthy as a major symbol of personal success. In fact, 91 percent of respondents indicated they would rather be talked about as “healthy” rather than someone who is “wealthy.”  Clearly, health has become the new status symbol for Americans.

To best utilize this insight to enhance brand communications, we created MSLGROUP HealthEsteem, a proprietary research-based model designed to help clients connect with the overwhelming majority of consumers who view health and wellness as the new marker of success. The model uses a research-based assessment tool designed to analyze and identify the intersection where personal motivations, aspirations and perceptions (MAP) of health make an impact on consumers’ brand preferences and purchasing decisions.  By holistically integrating consumer marketing with emerging trends in health and wellness, MSLGROUP’s model allows clients to layer a consumer segment’s HealthEsteem MAP over demographic and psychographic data to extract a deeper marketing insight.

Motivations: Personal priorities that influence an individual’s health decisions
Aspirations: Personal goals related to emotional, physical and spiritual health
Perceptions: External levers that impact one’s self-esteem and actions

Combining Healthcare Insights With Consumer Marketing Expertise
MSLGROUP’s dedicated Consumer Wellness team holistically integrates consumer marketing with emerging trends in health and wellness through this unique model. We help our clients tailor communications strategies that connect to their target consumers’ HealthEsteem MAP at every critical life stage. The Consumer Wellness team builds on the agency’s best-in-class healthcare and consumer practices to provide fresh insight for world-class brands in all major consumer health categories. We leverage our deep scientific expertise, skill in developing integrated campaigns that maximize the impact of direct-to-consumer (DTC) advertising and innovative approaches to consumer activation for powerhouse clients in every major health category.

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