IM MSLGROUP: Influencer Marketing at its Best
MSLGROUP’s full-service influencer marketing specialty group, IM MSLGROUP, is a demonstration of our commitment to creating communications programming that goes beyond traditional media relations.

The IM in IM MSLGROUP doesn’t just stand for influencer marketing: It also stands for "I am," underscoring the power of the consumer in the 21st century.  IM MSLGROUP leverages the collective strength of our expertise in insight creation, influencer engagement, entertainment and digital marketing to deliver programs that break through the clutter – both online and off – and connect with consumers, increasing sales and selling more product.

IM MSLGROUP has built a reputation as one of the industry’s pioneers and pre-eminent agencies in the arena of influencer and word-of-mouth marketing.  Over the past several years, we have been recognized with four Silver Anvil Awards – the industry’s ‘Oscar’ – for creating the most effective influencer marketing work.

Our unique approach to influencer marketing is designed to identify and mobilize the distinctive “few” who can most effectively reach the many. We have built proprietary methodologies to cost-effectively reach the most targeted influencers and turn them into brand ambassadors in the online and off-line worlds.  At the core of our approach, IM MSLGROUP utilizes the IM Model and a number of distinctive tools such as IM Mapping, Influencer Relationship Management and IM Panels to help guide program creation and execution.  

This past year, IM MSLGROUP sponsored and designed a research report, "Inside the Conversations of the Conversation Catalysts," an industry first that delved into the DNA of word-of-mouth conversations.  The report is the largest and most comprehensive study of the brand-related  conversations of consumer influencers.  According to the study, 32 million word-of-mouth leaders, or Conversation Catalysts, are involved in 184 word-of-mouth conversations a week, more than 1.5 times the average consumer.  This type research helps us create original, breakthrough programming for our clients, and helps drive the industry’s body of knowledge forward. 

If you would like more information about hiring our IM MSLGROUP team, please e-mail

If you would like more information about joining our IM MSLGROUP team, e-mail

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