Employee Engagement

Today's dynamic marketplace is driving demand for more strategic communications to engage employees in a company’s vision, business strategy and brand to move an organization forward.  Globalization, constant change and increased competition for an employee’s attention are contributing to a strong shift in C-suite focus on improving and maintaining the employer-employee relationship to influence an employee’s productivity, motivation and morale.

To meet this need, MSLGROUP's Employee Engagement practice develops insight-driven, customized communications programs grounded in a client's brand positioning and business strategy. We deliver programs that align business strategy to job function, facilitate intentional conversions between managers and employees and position employees as a cornerstone in the shaping of a company’s reputation.

Unique to MSLGROUP is our deep industry and internal audience segment expertise; access to worldwide resources; and, an award-winning, in-house creative services team.

A sample of Employee Engagement assignments

  • Employee engagement strategy
  • Vision, mission and values alignment
  • Leadership and manager communications
  • Internal product, service or program activation
  • Health and wellness communications
  • Internal branding, delivering brand promise
  • Rewards and recognition programs
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Organizational restructuring or reorganizations
  • Workforce reductions, outsourcing or off-shoring
  • Operational and cultural transformations

If you would like more information about hiring our Employee Engagement communications team, e-mail

If you would like more information about joining our Employee Engagement communications team, e-mail


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