Labor Communications

The world of labor communications is complex, emotional and, in some ways, arcane.  Strategic considerations – from following strict legal rules to ensuring that communications complement negotiating strategies – are, and always have been, critically important.

But complicating today’s environment is the change in organized labor itself. Unions face new challenges – membership has decreased since the decline of the U.S. manufacturing sector and Reagan-era changes to strengthen the employer and NLRB role in unionization. Activist unions have responded by modernizing a strategy first pioneered in the pre-World War II slaughterhouses of Chicago by Saul Alinsky: “Whenever possible, go outside the expertise of the target. Look for ways to increase insecurity, anxiety and uncertainty.”

Today, a typical approach by organized labor is to recruit dues-paying members faster by badly disrupting or damaging the relationships that underpin an organization’s reputation. This is where MSLGROUP can help.
MSLGROUP is a communications firm with strong experience and expertise in strategic, successful communications for companies engaged in the labor negotiations process.  We do not advocate an anti-union philosophy, nor do we believe that an anti-union campaign is appropriate for challenges most companies face. Our job is to help you maintain your share of voice and keep the communications playing field level. We have succeeded by helping clients articulate their business challenges, seek public and stakeholder support, be forthright and transparent about their businesses, and show respect for employees and the collective bargaining process. 

We believe strongly that clients should communicate from a platform of the strong values that made them great organizations. That principle has enabled MSLGROUP to compile an impressive record of successful strategic partnership with corporate clients in achieving successful outcomes when confronted by either expected or unexpected labor relations challenges.    

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